> From: Simon Stewart [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Forgive me, but what about the case where you just set the
> prim-key-class to be "java.lang.Object" and don't specify a managed
> primary key field in your ejb-jar.xml file? While that's not the
> world's most advanced method for automatically generating primary
> keys, it's there, and it does work....
> Of course, I have no idea how to refer to this autogenerated primary
> key using EJB-QL, but that's beside the point ;)

Does that really work?  Can you get access to the value of the key
later?  I've combed over that part of the spec, but it's terribly vague
about how deferred keys are supposed to work.  I've never seen a
container that documented them, I have never seen an example of them
being used, and (until now) I have never known anyone to have tried

Jeff Schnitzer

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