Hi Emil,
This is an old issue with IE and SSL.
To get away from those issues, use HTTP sessions instead of SSL sessions
on your protected site.
This is enabled by having an entry like shared=true in the binding entry
in your web-site.xml.
See the xml descriptor at:
Or The tip given in this section:

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Skickat: den 11 april 2002 13:25
Till: Orion-Interest
Ämne: https session-timeout problem

Subject: https session-timeout problem
From: "Emil Birgersson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
I have a strange problem. I use a couple of session variables (shopping
cart, username) and I changed the session-timeout propertie to let's say
60 minutes. This worked fine until I made my site secure, the session is
timing out after ten minutes or less, it seems like the session-timeout
propertie has no effect at all after I "added" my SSL cert to the site.
What can I do, I really need to increase the session-timeout propertie.


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