I think that Oracle has paid so much (and continue it) that they got
the "release option" of orion in their hands!
It's much more worth for oracle to hide a new -stable- release of orion
and spot out some "cool" and expencive AS9i- releases.
Just imagine if Ironflare would release a outstanding new release with
full EJB QL support (EJB 2.0)?! Why should a company buy the expencive
oracle-toys if there is ORION with about weekly bugfixes?

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Sometimes one cannot wait too long.

I have a very significant growth issue that requires scaling up from 4 app
servers to 15 within the next 2 months.  Under the current limitations of
Orion it simply won't work - so far we've cobbled solutions around the
unreliable http session clustering and loadbalancing.  Unless theres some
change soon to deal with a lot of the big issues I can't imagine how I can
stay with Orion.  Definitely don't misunderstand me thats not intended to
sound threatening, I love Orion and want to stay with it.  I'm just pointing
out that my needs may require me to switch to something where http
clustering and loadalancing does work properly under high load.

AJP support would go a long way to help that - because mod_jk seems to do a
pretty decent job at handling stick sessions and removing machines from
rotation that have died.

Any ideas on when the next iteration would be released?  Even a half way
step or a new experimental release would be a sign that things are evolving.

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...except the wait is due to an internal refactoring that should yield
significant benefits. Yourconclusion was predicted by the list in general,
but I disagree; the team's still working on Orion, and I figure that
people will be more happy once the new versions come out. You'd hope it
would be incremental changes as it was in the past (anyone remember the
three-versions-a-day times?) but that's simply not realistic considering
the changes being put into place. Patience. Enjoy.

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On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Jarrod Roberson wrote:

> At 03:41 PM 4/11/2002, you wrote:
> >Whats the current state of Ironflare and Orion?
> >
> >Nothing has changed in the 'stable release' of Orion for almost a year,
> >though there are glaring bugs in http session clustering (not even fixed
> >1.5.4) and some significantly lacking components.   Ironflare was
> >to be in the pavillion at JavaONE, but oddly they had no write up
> >(apparently they didn't submit one), and didn't actually show up (so
> >booth was empty).  There also seems to be a conspicuous infrequency to
> >responses here.
> >
> >I know that Oracle 9iAS is evolving and expanding, and I believe that
> >IronFlare is doing a significant amount of work on the 9iAS code base (as
> >consultants?).  But whats to become of Orion?  It almost appears that
> >has consumed Orion completely and no development will happen on the old
> >Orion.
> looks like someone finally figured it out!
> this is what happens when you get one big "customer" with a guaranteed
> revenue stream, can't much blame them myself.

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