Created the following directory/file structure

   |            |
WEB-INF       test.jsp
   |                |
classes          web.xml

Created a WAR file and dropped the WAR file in <orion_home>\applications. 
Shutdown then started orion. The WAR WAR file was unpacked and created the 
unpacked directory structure as per the above. The entry:

<web-module id="WARTest" path="../../home/applications/wartest.war" />

was made in application.xml

I can execute the servlet - no problems there. BUT the problem - how to get 
to the JSP. When it is executed I get a message saying 
"...\j2ee\home\default-web-app\wartest\test.jsp (The system cannot find the 
path specified)"

I am wanting to create a simple WAR file to deploy that may contain only 
servlets and JSPs and would like to not have to create an EAR file. How do I 
Access the JSP file?

THANKS for any help - Ken Cooper

Kenneth Cooper, Jr.            [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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