You aren't missing anything. Orion 1.5.4 ignores this flag completely and was reported as bug #732 in bugzilla. This has been fixed for the next release but in the meantime you'll have to get creative - comment out the method-check section of the ejb-jar.xml, that sort of thing. Although if you are using security, as you seem to be, you may want to double-check your principals.xml file to verify that all is well with that - I never tried invoking methods from Swing clients but JSP clients after logging in worked just fine.



  Anil D <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi all
I have a question regarding the use of tag in ejb-jar.xml. The docs says if we specify a method as unchecked in the ejb-jar.xml no user name and password nee d to be given while invoking that method. But when I run such a method(from a Swing client) the login screen is shown and evenif I give a valid username and password it throws an exception saying that "admin is not authorized to call this method....."

What am I missing?

I am using orion 1.5.4


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