Orion's JMS is really buggy, it fails almost all the compatibility tests for

We did a similar thing that you are experimenting with, only the MDB
response queue is a queue on OpenJMS.  I believe our first attempts to do
this on Orion completely failed.  I haven't tried it with 1.5.4, but until
someone says Orion passes all JMS tests I wouldn't bother.

I've found OpenJMS to be stable and we use it for all the topics and queues
accept a few which are attached MDB's.


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Subject: problems w/ multiple queues w/ MDBs


Was wondering if anyone ran into this problem and has insight they can

I started experimenting w/ Message Driven Beans and  have deployed a MDB
that was attached to a Queue.  It worked and was performing my logic w/in
onMessage().  I wanted to have it reply to another Queue so created a second
Queue to reply to (simply by adding it to jms.xml)  and this was deployed
(as witnessed on the orion console).  The problem I'm encountering is that
my original messages are no longer received once I added the second queue
w/in jms.xml.  I haven't even changed any code.  By commenting out the new
Queue w/in jms.xml, my original MDB again works.  Any ideas on this?  

I'm running 1.5.2.

My jms.xml looks like

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE jms-server PUBLIC "Orion JMS server"

<jms-server port="9127">

        <queue-connection-factory host="localhost"
location="jms/QueueConnectionFactory" username="admin" password="admin"
port="9127" />  
<!--    <topic-connection-factory host="localhost"
location="jms/TopicConnectionFactory" username="admin" password="admin"
port="9127" /> -->

        <queue name="Test Message Driven Bean" location="jms/testQueue">
                <description>Test of MDB</description>
        <queue name="Reply Bean" location="jms/replyQueue">
                <description>reply Queue</description>
<!--    <topic name="Test Message Driven Bean for Topic"
                <description>Test of MDB Topic</description>
        <topic name="Stock Market" location="jms/StockMarket">
                        <description>Stock Market</description>

        <topic name="Demo Topic" location="jms/demoTopic">
                <description>A dummy topic</description>

                <file path="../log/jms.log" />



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