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Dear Peter,

Theres a bug in sitemesh so that only jsp files work. I believe that xsl would have the same limitation. I reported this on sourceforge. There's an easy fix to this:


Of course you will need to make the changes in the sitemesh code, and re-build it, but that's a snap. I would attach the fix on elephantwalker, but I am unclear about the Opensymphony license...any way the links above give the exact changes necessary to make this work.


the elephantwalker

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Subject: XSL and Sitemesh on Orion

I am using OpenSymphony Sitemesh on Orion Application Server 1.5.4.

The Orion XSL servlet (default config in global-web-application.xml)
is used to transform XML files to HTML.
The transformation works fine, but the transformed HTML is no longer
passed to the sitemesh filter and is displayed without layout.

What can I do to make this work?
Does anybody have a hint, please?


Peter Beck, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsges.m.b.H.

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