Hi all
I have some problem regarding load balancer ..
I have configured my application on on Orion Server and that is working fine.
Now I want to run load balancer   (I have right now only one server here .. but i suppose to add some others) just to see how my request are handeled by load balancer.
I am running loadbalancer on 8080 port(This is open for all IPs) and orion is running on 9090 port.. that is not open .
Now when i make request to 8080 port , i dont get any response from there .. .. I observed there that no request is redirected to my application ..
well I have now here two questions ..
1. After loadbalancer redirect me to 9090 port .. where my application is running, does this connect me directly to 9090 port .. or I am connected to 9090 port via 8080 port only .
2. what should i do to make this is running condition.
for load balancer i made these configurations..
 <cluster-config  />
<web-site cluster-island="1" />
<frontend host="mysite" port="8080" />
Thanks in Advance
Kumarpal Jain
Web Engineer
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