I'm running Orion on a SuSe Linux 7.0 with a Sun JDK 1.3.1_03. I've 
encountered two problems :
1. When using CMP 2.x entity bean, Orion adds  an underscore to the name 
of some fields for the persitence-name and consequently, the generated 
SQL doesn't work ... Example : <cmp-field-mapping name="password" 
persistence-name="password_" />
2. I've written n command-line client to different EJBs. If the 
application-client.xml bound with the client refers to an unknown remote 
interface, the JVM of orion crashes with a stack overflow error.

Any idea ?

Vincent Faidherbe

"Do you think C++ is lovable? Unless you're into SM (Software Masochism), probably 
not." (JLG)

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