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I've been testing Orion the last three weeks. In Orion web, I've read to put orion-ejb-jar.xml under orion directory for an EJB. In some other sites, this file must reside under META-INF directory. Which is the correct place to put orion-ejb-jar.xml?
I've assumed that the correct answer to my first question is orion. When Orion deploys my application, it respects some of the parameters I've written, but it deletes some of them. Can anyone help me on this problem?
And the last question. Is there any relation between orion-ejb-jar.xml, ejb-jar.xml (under META-INF), and the parameters location and name of an EJB. I've tried to put a location which was different to its ejb name and Orion has not noticed the change.
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