Title: No rollback in case of exception in ejbStore()

Orion 1.5.2/1.5.4, Oracle 9i
1 SFSB and 2 EB, transactional attributes = "Required" for all beans.
Transaction is initiated by call of SFSB method updateRow(). SFSB calls 2 EB setName() methods. SFSB implements SessionSynchronization interface.
If in ejbStore() of any EB exception happens (for example throw new EJBException() or division by zero) the following happens:

- client receive the following: "com.evermind.server.rmi.OrionRemoteException: Transaction was rolled back: Error preparing bean instance: com.evermind.transaction.MarshallingXAExceptionm ..."
- transaction is commited !!! - checked directly in database and via afterCommit() callback.
- transaction is repeated 4 times (!) just as it was rollbacked

When such exception happens in business methods or ejbLoad() transaction is correctly rollbacked.
Test case is enclosed.

Note, only that table was updated that corresponds to EB whose ejbStore() did not experience exception, in other words transaction atomicity is corrupted.

I would appreciate any help or ideas. And you may check your code - probably the same problem is sleeping there.

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