Can you point a browser at the url and get the wsdl? 

Are you trying to access the EJB directly? If so you need pro which can talk
to stateless session beans. 

Probably doesn't matter but you might try putting the jar file in the
orion/lib directory.

Hopes this helps.

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I'm begging for some help on this set up.  I'm using Glue Standard for using
SOAP calls.  Anyone that has used Glue with Orion before please help me out.

I've gotten the orion example from glue working. Now I'm trying to do
practical. I've set up an app on Orion. It had to be a separate app because
will be using EJBs that are already deployed.

So in server.xml I have

<application name="cande" path="../applications/cande.ear" parent="catd" />

catd is the application with the EJB I need. I need this to have the apps
share EJBs.

I have the GLUE-STD.jar in my WEB-INF/lib

my web.xml looks like this:

<!-- Description -->
<servlet-name> http </servlet-name>
<servlet-class> electric.server.http.ServletServer </servlet-class>

<param-name> electric.commands </param-name>
<param-value> /orion-files/glue/commands.xml </param-value>

<load-on-startup> 1 </load-on-startup>

<servlet-name> http </servlet-name>
<url-pattern> /* </url-pattern>



It is the same as the webapps/glue web.xml except for the file location of
commands.xml and the reference to my EJB.

My commands.xml looks like this:
<invoke> electric.registry.Registry.publishInstance( "urn:cande", 
"" ) </invoke>

I wrote a test program to try this out. The main calls look like this:

String url = 

RemoteDataLoader dataLoad = (RemoteDataLoader) 
Registry.bind( url, RemoteDataLoader.class );
boolean answer = dataLoad.isUserValid(userID,password);

When I run it I get this error:
could not bind to path:
electric.registry.RegistryException: could not bind to path:
at Source)
at electric.registry.compound.CompoundRegistry.bind(Unknown Source)
at electric.registry.Registry.bind(Unknown Source)
at electric.registry.Registry.bind(Unknown Source)
at ejbtest.main(
Caused by: HTTP GET error: Internal Server 
Error. Response code: 500: unable to load file

I've tried generating the wsdl and pointing the console to it but that does

What am I missing to make this work? 

Jon Bricker

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