Doesn't clustering solve this problem?
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Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 2:15 AM
Subject: session management

Hello all
I am running my application on three servers. All are live servers . I am using dns round robin to acess them.
Now my problem or issue is that I want to have session of each end user on each server.. so if one server goes down the end user can process to other servers with the same session.
So i guess this may be possible with RMI, and I also saw one xml.. rmi.xml in config folder .
can anyone suggest me some clue about this , how i can achieve this goal. Does orion supports some in built help for RMI.
earlier i did this with loadserver, that was working well, but the problem in that , if the server where loadbalancer is running goes down , my application will be killed.

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