Don't know if this will help, but it looks like the problem starts
with the execution of a finder query. So maybe review the sql you've set
for this query in orion-ejb-jar.xml.
Or maybe the query can return more than one row and you have it set to
a single entity instance in the ejb's home interface?

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Subject: help with trans. synchronization

  Can anyone give some pointers or have come across a similar problem ?

 We are currently in development and in the middle of UAT testing. The
application runs on Orion1.5.2 connecting to multiple datasources on the one

  A recent test raised the following exception

        java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at
Unknown source) .....
at ChangeHome_EntityHomeWrapper267.findActive(ChangeHome_EntityHomeWrapper)

  The application ues stateless session beans and CMP entity beans. There
are 3 queuelisteners for transactions.

  Have reviewed the orion-ejb-jar and the ejb-jar for the
transaction-attributes but am still none the wiser.

  Has anyone got any suggestions on tracking this down, we have put the
profiler from HP called HPJMeter on and run with -Xprof.

  Perhaps we have too much information now but we are too inexperienced to
be able to know what the next step should be in tracking this down. Would
appreciate any advise on this one? 




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