The server that is creating the EJB is acting as a client. So, it has to
know the remote and home interfaces of the EJB as any remote client.

If you expect to use the EJBs in other applications the interfaces, should
be in a shared directory (lib) if it is not the case, you should think to
put them in the jar module.

Good luck.


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> Hi all
> I have problem in calling remote session bean deployed on OC4J server and
lookup on it from another server deployed on another OC4J server. I succeed
in lookup the remote ejb from the caller one but when I typeCast it to the
remote interface of the Remote EJB it through classCast Exception. To solve
this problem I put both the Home&Remote Interface of the remote interface on
the default classPath of the OC4J server j2ee/home/lib so it works but I
think this is not the right way so can any one help me how to solve it and
where we can set a classpath for an appropriate EJB .

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