Please pay particular attention to the numbers 12 and 13, these tend to
trip up most users.



1. To post to the entire list, address your message to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] If you are posting privately to an
individual, please ensure that you are not sending to the Orion list
simultaneously. Check the address header carefully.

As of Sept. 1997, the list is configured so that the "Reply to" address
points to the Orion list. If you wish to reply to an individual privately,
you must type in the address.

2. Please stay on topic. This list is for the academic discussion of ideas
and information relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls and associated
literature. Interested laypersons are certainly welcome to participate and
to raise questions.

3. Please adopt a courteous tone of discourse.

4. Try to consolidate your messages so that you do not post too often
during a short period of time. An exception is the posting of sequential
replies if a thread is particularly active but this should be the
exception, not the rule. In other words, if you're posting three or more
times a day, that is probably excessive.

5. Avoid "me, too" postings. If you wish to thank someone or merely to
second an opinion, it would be best to do so via private e-mail.

6. Please sign your postings with your name, not a screen
name. Geographical information and institutional affiliation are highly

7. Edit quoted messages. If you are quoting a previous message, please use
only the relevant sections, rather than quoting the entire message.

8. Use precise subject headings. If the thread meanders onto another
topic, then by all means change the subject heading to reflect the
topic. If you are addressing several topics in a single subject heading,
they may be included as a multiple heading (e. g. "4QMMT; Teacher of
Righteousness; Apocalyptic").

9. Be brief. Please try not to exceed 4K. To stay within this limit you
should quote only what is absolutely relevant. If you quote the header or
other extraneous material, it will bounce back to you.

10. Do not post messages on behalf of someone who is not subscribed unless
you have the permission of the original writer AND the permission of the
moderator. Public messages such as announcements of conferences, lectures,
etc., may be posted on the Orion list. If you want to post a notice on our
web site, send the details to [EMAIL PROTECTED] . Remember to
include relevant dates, addresses and phone numbers (calls for papers and
job openings should indicate a closing date).

11. Do not post copyrighted material (e.g., newspaper articles, articles
posted on web sites) unless you own the copyright or have the copyright
owner's permission to do so. Please include a note stating that permission
has been granted, as well as proper acknowledgements. If the material
exceeds 4K, consult with the moderator first. It is permitted to quote
small sections of an article in the course of a discussion as this
constitutes "fair use." Posting URLs for web sites is permitted.

12. Do not post messages with attachments, graphics or in rtf or html
formats. These come through as garbage in the digests. If you do not know
how to turn off these modes, take a look at this

13. When replying to messages on the Orion list please remember to remove
the message trailor from the message you are replying to. The message
trailor consists of the last four lines of the message you have received,
the last line of the trailor, is written in capital letters and will
remind you of this task.

14. Last but not least, this article on mailing list etiquette is short
and to the point.

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