>     Before the publication of all the scrolls, the language of the scrolls 
>was classified as Late Biblical Hebrew, largely based on the Isaiah scroll.  
>More recently the terminology "Qumran Hebrew" has become current.  Can anyone 
>on the list refer me to recent bibliography on the relationship of Qumran 
>Hebrew to Classical Hebrew, Late Biblical Hebrew, etc.?

Hi Russell.

First the view on the Hebrew of the Isaiah scroll you have here, is 
not that of the major work I know of on the subject, Kutscher, who 
describes the dialect: "It's vocabulary was apparently largely 
similar if not identical with that of Mishnaic Hebrew. It does not 
seem to have been pure Hebrew, but rather aa Hebrew-Aramaic patois." 


E.Y. Kutscher, "The Language and Linguistic Background of the 
  Isaiah Scroll (1QIsa[a])", Brill, Leiden, 1974.

(Originally written in Hebrew in 1959.)

As to Qumran Hebrew, here are a few leads:

Elisha Qimron, "The Hebrew of the DSS", Harvard Semitic Studies 29,
  Scholars Press, Atlanta, 1986
Shelomo Morag, "Qumran Hebrew: Some Typological Observations", 
  VT 38:2 (1988), pp.148-164
Martin Abegg, "The Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls", in 
  The DSS after 50 Years, eds Flint & VanderKam, Brill, 1998.


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