Prof. Gibson writes:

"And if I take the "some say" correctly, this passage also indicates 
> that there was some doubt that the claim itself (about daughters, etc.)
is in any way reliable."

The Talmud is FULL of "some say" commentary.  I hardly think
you are in a position to unwravel the entire Talmud because of the
nature of the dialogue-approach to discussion.

The Talmud represents various threads within RABBINIC thinking.
So this is hardly a touchstone to what was happening during Jeremiah's
time: 1) because the Rabbis were a later development, and
2) because it may well be that a Rechabite priesthood would not
be favorably viewed by the Rabbinic writers.

For example, during Jeremiah's time there was a faction of Jerusalem
priesthood that Ezekiel took issue with?  Would they have been an
opposing voice within the Talmud?  Almost certainly!  Could this
be the SAME group as the Rechabites?  Let's explore that.

The point of the Talmud references... if anyone can locate the correct
ones in Eisenman's book... is to show that even the Rabbinic material
acknowledges that the Rechabites had an unusually close relationship
with the Priesthood.

And the Eusebius reference certainly makes it clear that there WAS a
Rechabite Priesthood from the point of view of the Church Fathers.
So all of this "fussing" about whether there was or wasn't.... this 
would be only for those who didn't find Eusebius credible.

So perhaps we can focus on the possible connections between the
Rechabites and the Enochain community within Judaism to see if there
is a "connection" there... rather than play "forensic semantics" with
what the Talmud says.  The Talmud, as a partisan document, cannot
really disprove this point...but presumably it can point out that 
there WAS an unusual Rechabite "presence" in Jerusalem.

Prof. Gibson, I know you find it easier to BLOCK my inquiries than
to help explore them with me.... you're pattern is quite consistent in
this on other lists.  But maybe you could adopt a different approach
here.  What can you tell me about the Enochian community
that would help us in this topic?  Someone as knowledgeable as
you is bound to have something to contribute on the subject
of Enoch and those Hebrew who wrote about him.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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