no i dont have it-- i was merely responding to the yalkut passage and
recalled a partial source in mechilta (not talmud but earlier) for what it
said. I think the Eusebius passage is key and "son of the rechabites" I take
to mean a descendant-- the term is strange because we have already heard he
was a rechabite priest-- so perhaps the intent is to add a gloss to explain
he was descended from them but not actually a rechabite. the gloss might
have been added by Eusebius. the passage reads oddly unless we posit
something along these lines.


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> Herb,
> It's not clear to me you are looking at the right footnote or footnotes.
> Do you have the JAMES THE BROTHER OF JESUS book?
> And if you do, can you cite the footnote that Eisenman quotes
> in support of the marriage into the lineage of the High Priest?
> The footnotes were about "marriage" not about their access
> to the various parts of the temple.  I think the Jeremiah text
> is more than sufficient to establish that we are talking about
> "levitical" or "priestly" service here.... rather than "metal working".
> So I'm not looking for Talmud references that are silent on
> the marriage into the priestly lineage.
> George

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