Dr. Altman,

You wrote:
" These clans were not guild-like; they **WERE** guilds [emphasis mine]
with whatever  specialty upon which they were economically dependent
passed down within the clan/guild and whose secrets were guarded by
 the clan craftmaster. The role of clan craftmaster has nothing to do
what we normally think of as "spiritual."  The superficial resemblances
between the functions of a "priest" and  that of a clan craftmaster can
be misunderstood as being "priestly," hence  "spritual"...."

Dr. Gibson very kindly sent me the entire text from the Anchor
articles that David Suter strongly recommended that I read concerning
the "guild" nature of the Rechabites.  I appreciate the assistance with
that, Dr. Gibson.

Dr. Altman, Do you think this "priestly" role of the guild master, is
is at the heart of Eusebius' reference to "Rechabite Priests"?  Or do you
think Talmudic references to Rechabites marrying into the family of the 
High Priest is the source of the idea that there were Rechabite
Priests around at the time of the death of James (the brother of Jesus).

I am wondering if BOTH points of view might be true?

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

P.S.  You wrote in a subsequent posting:
"(Here are three more for George when he is done with the ABD article)"

But I couldn't make out what the "three more" items were.  Please 
advise on the additional articles or writers that have a bearing on these
themes.  I look forward to further research.

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