I have no idea whether it is relevant, but red dots are used in the
El-Amarna version of the Adapa myth. There is a big discussion of these
dots in Shlomo Izre'el's volume on this work (Adapa and the South
Wind, Eisenbrauns). Have a look if you're

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Tyler Williams wrote:

> A few Qumran scrolls have some writing in red ink on them (e.g.,
> 4QNum-b, 2QPs), and in most cases their editors plausibly suggest that
> this may indicate a liturgical function (see, e.g., DJD XII, p. 211 for
> 4QNum-b). 
> I was wondering if the use of red ink could additionally suggest that
> the scroll was not intended to be a "biblical" scroll, but was a text
> copied for expressly liturgical functions? (if such a distinction can be
> made) The basis of my query is mMeg 2.2 where red ink/dye [SQR)] is
> prohibited for use on biblical scrolls:
> "If it were written with paint, or with red dye [SQR)], or with resin,
> or with copperas, on paper or on partially prepared hide, he has not
> performed his duty, unless it is written in Hebrew on parchment and with
> ink [DYW]." mMeg 2.2
> Obviously one problem with my reasoning is that it is anachronistic,
> applying later Jewish tradition to the Qumran scrolls. But in my own
> defense, Tov has demonstrated that many of the latter rabbinic
> guidelines for scroll preparation and copying appear to have been
> followed with the Qumran scrolls (e.g., his article on the dimensions of
> the scrolls).
> Also note that I am assuming that the SQR) mentioned is red ink, and
> that the ink (DYW) mentioned at the end of the line cannot be red.
> Any thoughts?
> -Tyler
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