I find the lack of details in your refutation
to be as important as the intolerance of 
your refutation.

Using the very Hebrew term for "Angel" that you
suggested I used, I found a perfectly interesting
definition (from a resource with no axe to grind)
which SPECIFICALLY links the term "Angel" to 
"guarding/watching" (and not just to waking/watching
as you suggested), as well as to a reference to
Israelites.  And thus we have a DOUBLE correlation
with the related terms for "Samaritan" and "Watcher".

The key to a valid refutation is to show how the
published Hebrew definitions you would prefer to use 
propose DIFFERENT meanings for the terms.  I will
patiently wait for you or someone else to provide

My "method", as you would call it, is no different
from what others would do with the same information.
All 3 words are phonetically identical (or virtually
identical), and so the "word play" potential with
these words is evident.

What else would you have me do?  Totally ignore
such AMAZING correlations?

I think you overstate the case that "in the process
I discover nothing."  Perhaps you will be more interesting
in helping to explore these correlations on another day.
Until then, the members of the list will have to contemplate
the way these different ideas keep coming together around
the Jewish Enochian theme of "the Watchers".

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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