Hey, Watch it! If I had been using a single source, I would have said so...
and quoted from it. My data are from books, journals, lab reports, and other
scientific reports from across more than 50 years. I have known specifically
about the geology and marine biology of the Med basin and the general area
for more than 35 years. During one delightful 3-year period I was fortunate
to have translated or re-written the English of reports, and drawn many maps
of both the coast and the bed of the Med for an Oceanographic Institute...
and have always kept up with new material on the subjects.

Nobody can cover everything, so I don't know if the above book goes into
the hauntingly familiar similarities between the formation of the mountain
spurs that poke into the Dead Sea basin and the spurs at the undersea
sills of the Med/Atlantic and Black Sea/Med interfaces...


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