>>Hey, Watch it! If I had been using a single source, I
would have said so ... and quoted from it. My data are from
books, journals, lab reports, and other scientific reports
from across more than 50 years. I have known specifically
about the geology and marine biology of the Med basin and
the general area for more than 35 years. During one
delightful 3-year period I was fortunate to have translated
or re-written the English of reports, and drawn many maps of
both the coast and the bed of the Med for an Oceanographic
Institute ... and have always kept up with new material on
the subjects.

Nobody can cover everything, so I don't know if the above
book goes into the hauntingly familiar similarities between
the formation of the mountain spurs that poke into the Dead
Sea basin and the spurs at the undersea sills of the
Med/Atlantic and Black Sea/Med interfaces...<<

Hopefully, I did say "one of" ... <g>

While trying to find any sort of terrain map on the web (at
which I was unsuccessful) I stumbled upon this volume at the
Oxford U.P. site. The description of the contents seemed
right on target:

1. Dead Sea research - An introduction, Tina Niemi, Zvi
Ben-Avraham, and Joel R. Gat
PART I: Structure and Tectonics of the Dead Sea Basin
2. Topography and bathymetry of the Dead Sea depression,
John K. Hall
3. Geophysical framework of the Dead Sea: Structure and
tectonics, Zvi Ben-Avraham
4. The history and formation of the Dead Sea basin, Zvi
5. Hydrocarbon exploration in the southern Dead Sea area,
Michael Gardosh, Eliezer Kashai, Shalom Salhov, Haim
Shulman, and Eli Tannenbaum
6. Active tectonics in the Dead Sea basin, Tina M. Niemi and
Zvi Ben-Avraham
7.  On the seismicity of the Dead Sea basin, Avi Shapira
PART II: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Aspects of the
Dead Sea
8. The hydrography of a hypersaline lake, David A. Anati
9. Surface currents and seiches in the Dead Sea, Ziv Sirkes,
Florian Schirmer, Heinz-Hermann Essen, and Klaus-Werner
10. Wind waves on the Dead Sea, Artur Hecht, Tal Ezer,
Avraham Huss, and Aviv Shapira
11. Evaporation estimate for the Dead Sea: Essential
considerations for saline Lakes, Ilana Steinhorn
12. Evolution of the Dead Sea brines, Israel Zak
13. Ion Interaction approach to geochemical aspects of the
Dead Sea, Boris S. Krumgalz
14. Halite deposition from the Dead Sea: 1960-1993, Ittai
15. Halite precipitation and sediment deposition as measured
in sediment traps deployed in the Dead Sea: 1981-1983,
Mariana Stiller, Joel R. Gat, and Perla Kaushansky
16. Carbon dynamics in the Dead Sea, Boaz Luz, Mariana
Stiller, and A. Siep Talma
17. The radiocarbon content of the Dead Sea, A. Siep Talma,
John C. Vogel, and Mariana Stiller
18. Iron, manganese, and trace elements in the Dead Sea, Ami
Nishri and Mariana Stiller
19. Microbiological studies in the Dead Sea: 1892-1992,
Aharon Oren
PART III: Quaternary History of the Lake and Its Environment
20. Geomorphology of the Dead Sea western margin, Dan Bowman
21. Fluctuations of Late Pleistocene Lake Lisan in the Dea
Sea Rift, Tina M. Niemi
22. The Holocene history of Dead Sea levels, Amos Frumkin
23. The Dead Sea region: An archaeological perspective,
Itzaq Beit-Arieh
24. Geochemical and hydrological processes in the coastal
environment of the Dead Sea, Yoseph Yechieli and Joel R. Gat
25. Groundwaters along the western Dead Sea shore, Emanuel
26. The botanical conquest of the newly exposed shores of
the Dead Sea, Erga Aloni, Amram Eshel, and Yoav Waisel
27. Dead Sea research: Synopsis and future, Joel R. Gat,
Tina M. Niemi, and Zvi Ben-Avraham

It looks as though some of those articles you mention are
reproduced here. Of course, I did not mean to suggest that
your knowledge was limited to a single reference volume!


Dave Hindley
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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