Please find below updated information about the special Toronto session
the PSCO this Friday, to which all are welcome to attend. Apologies, as
always, for the inevitable host of cross-postings...

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***Announcement of a Special, pre-SBL/AAR Toronto Meeting of the
 Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins (PSCO) on "Parabiblical

22 November 2002, 8-10 pm, Quebec Room of the Royal York Hotel.

Moderated by Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania) and Annette Y.
(Princeton University)

*Gary Anderson (Harvard University)
*James R. Davila (St.Andrews University, Scotland)
*Devorah Dimant (Haifa University, Israel)
*Ingrid Hjelm (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Andrew Jacobs (University of California, Riverside)
*John Reeves (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

The PSCO is in its 40th year (see
Since its topic for the
current year -- "Parabiblical Literature" -- is of wide interest for
students and scholars of both Jewish and Christian scriptures and
literature, its co-chairs have decided to take advantage of the presence
of a large and international
group of specialists at the Toronto meetings and hold a special session

The session hopes to bring together experts (both on our panel and in
audience) whose knowledge and insights will contribute to productive
discussion of the topic of apparently authoritative written materials
we look back on as "extrabiblical" yet as, at the same time, similar in
various ways to what became "biblical" for (especially but not only)
and Christianity. Part of the discussion will involve the question of
appropriate terminology (e.g. "pseudepigrapha,"
 "rewritten Bible," "biblical paraphrase," etc.). 

For summaries of our discussions so far, both at the first meeting of
this year's PSCO and in Bob's graduate seminar on the same theme, see:
A separate email will follow with more details about the panelists in
the upcoming Toronto session and the topics that they will be
discussing. Updated information, both about the Toronto session and
about the rest of the PSCO schedule for this year, can be found at:

Please feel free to distribute this notice to anyone who might be
interested in attending the Toronto PSCO session, or in the project more

We hope to see you in Toronto!

Annette Yoshiko Reed (Princeton University), co-chair
Robert A. Kraft (University of Pennsylvania), co-chair
Todd C. Krulak (University of Pennsylvania), special recording secretary
Tennyson J. Wellman (University of Pennsylvania), recording secretary
Jay C. Treat (University of Pennsylvania), technical coordinator

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