Technically, the period when the Dead Sea Scrolls were written (i.e. 2nd 
and 1st century BCE) is later than ANE is intended for.  Occasional postings 
on the scrolls used to be tolerated, though.  My understanding is that past 
discussions of scrolls topics on ANE tended to violate the list's standards 
of courtesy, etc., so that the moderator finally asked that the subject be 
discussed elsewhere (at the time, Orion).  Some of the more thoughtful, 
original scrolls scholars have basically given up on list discussions 
(including Orion) from being flamed or misrepresented a few times too often - 
sometimes by lurkers banned from Orion who do their flaming on other lists.  
This sort of censorship by discourtesy is unfortunate and has led to the 
demise of on-line scrolls discussion (IMO).  For the moment there appears to 
be no list for scrolls scholars, now probably including Orion, which is a 
real pity.

Best regards,
Russell Gmirkin

(P.S. Cross-posting on Orion.)

>  Russell Gmirkin and Others,
>  Russell recently wrote:
>  "This really isn't the proper forum for Qumran discussions..."
>  Today I just received word that Orion was no longer going
>  to be supporting a discussion list.
>  Other than this list [ANE], where would be a better place
>  to discuss Qumran, Essene and related issues?
>  George Brooks
>  Tampa, FL
>  USA

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