Happy Monday everyone! Here's a quick look back at last week's most popular
new articles.

*Top 10 posts*
1. Ben Nuttall: "Block ads on your network with Raspberry Pi and pi-hole
Views: 3,581

2. Jason Baker: "3 command-line tools for feigning productivity
Views: 3,319

3. Yev Bronshteyn: "Power(Shell) to the people
Views: 2,293

4. Antoine Thomas: "23 open source audio-visual production tools
Views: 2,092

5. Lera Goncharuk: "How to start writing macros in LibreOffice Basic
Views: 1,687

6. Heiko W. Rupp: "Assemble this game console in four hours
Views: 749

7. Scott Nesbitt: "How to check spelling at the Linux command line with
Views: 707

8. Mike Bursell: "Talking to normal people about security
Views: 688

9. Tracy Buckner: "3 steps to reduce a project's failure rate
Views: 611

10. Rikki Endsley: "How writing can change your career for the better, even
if you don't identify as a writer
Views: 585
*Alex Sanchez*
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