Hi All,

With OSG-3.6 looming I'm looking to streamline build across platforms
and one area that isn't yet as streamlined as it could be is GLES.
Part of making things more straight forward was the addition of the
OPENGL_PROFILE variable to our cmake scripts that allows you to select
the appropriate settings for various headers etc.  i.e.


This doesn't switch across the libraries though, you still have to
manually set up the EGL and GLES libs as the OSG doesn't even try
looking for them in standard places.  Instead we just have usage of
the official CMake FindOpenGL.cmake script.

What we need is FindOpenGLES.cmake script that we'd call in place of
the OpenGL.cmake when GLES pathway is selected.  As far as I can tell
there isn't yet an official Cmake FindOpenGLES.cmake.  I'm a bit
surprised by this.

Without one provided by CMake we have to fallback on providing one
ourselves.  My preliminary search of the web as uncovered a couple of
open source projects that have their own.  As they are open source it
should be OK to copy one of these.  Which one though...  If we do
leverage existing FindOpenGLES.cmake then I'd want to do it
co-operatively with the original developers so we can share
improvements that either project makes without the versions diverging.

I only hold a portion of the knowledge on this stuff that the whole
OSG community has, so I'd love to hear from others to what they know
about possible FindOpenGLES,cmake options, and there thoughts on the
way forward.

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