Hi Robert,

I use XCode 2.4.1 with projects generated using CMake 2.6 (patch 2).
I didn't compile in release mode, I'll give a try. I haven't tested any previous version, generally I build under Windows and I took the last version from the Osg website.

On the mailing list I read of people using 2.6 under Mac system, I'll check for this version too. Thanks


Robert Osfield ha scritto:
Hi Andrea,

I'm not a OSX expert, but for those that are you don't provide quite
enough info to know what might be up.  I presume using doing an XCode
build, but you don't mentioned this explicitly.

Did the XCode projects come from the manually maintained ones or CMake
generated ones?

Does the release build compile fine?

Have you tested previous version of the OSG in this configuration?


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