2008/11/7 Robert Osfield <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 3:42 PM, Simon Hammett
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I agree with Peter, arbitrarily turning off peoples warnings isn't good
> > practice.
> The OSG generally doesn't disable warnings, warning disabling is only
> done on VS as it's had a history of producing lots of warnings on
> correct code.
> It's a number of years since I've used Windows.  I do occassionally up
> the warning levels on the OSG via's our Cmake's options for this, this
> can help you spot some useful mistakes, but it also flags lots of
> warnings that mislead more than they inform so you have to enable them
> with an eye to what the warnings really mean - I do occassionally see
> "fixes" to warnings that while well meaning actually break code.
> If it's possible to get VS to disable warnings via compiler options
> rather than in source #pragma then this would be the best solution,
> it's what we have under gcc.

It is possible to disable via the command line.
I'll have a look into modifying the cmake stuff,
I've got a couple of things to submit as well, so
I'll post to submissions once I'm done.

The truth is out there. Usually in header files.
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