The exporter dumps the Node name to the FLT record name, just as the
importer does the inverse operation. I don't believe there is any code to
check for and avoid duplicate node names.
I'd think it would be up to the application to specify unique Node names, as
the exporter has no other way to know what text should be written to the FLT
record name. I can see how it might be useful to have a "I don't care what
you name it, just make sure it's unique" mode. Currently, this doesn't
exist. You are welcome to add it.


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Subject: [osg-users] FLT Writer Duplicate Node Names?

Hello all.
Does the FLT writer create duplicate node names for nodes with multiple
transforms as parents? We're having trouble sharing a single model inside of
multiple transforms scattered about. Some older OpenFlight software we are
interfacing to does not like this. Any thoughts guys?
Thank you,
John Argentieri 
Software Engineer 
C4 Systems 

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