Hi all,

a colleague of mine is trying to implement an image processing algorithm that requires many RTT cameras (+-150).

His algorithm runs on his Windows machine, but fails under Linux (I'm quite sad about it :) with some of the following errors:


Got an X11ErrorHandling call display=0x80a8c80 event=0xbf991100
BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)

Got an X11ErrorHandling call display=0x80a8c80 event=0xbf991160
BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)

Warning: detected OpenGL error 'out of memory' after RenderBin::draw(,)
RenderStage::drawInner(,) FBO status= 0x8cd5


We've narrowed the problem down to just camera creation and frame rendering. Texture sizes do not seem to influence the error. I've made a small test application (attached) that creates the errors.

On my Linux laptop the errors start appearing at around 220 cameras. On another Linux machine we can get about 10 more. On Windows we've been able to test up to 3000 (the apps starts up too slowly if we add more).

Does anyone have any ideas about why and where the cameras are creating X resources?

Art (if you are around), does osgPPU use osg::Camera? Maybe we can move to osgPPU if not.

Any pointers to help us debug are welcome.


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