Hi JP,

I've got some odd X server crashes and restart as well.  On my little
shuttle with Kubuntu 8.10 on it it gets to 215 fbo's at 512x512.  This
is with a  lowe end128Mb Geforce 7 card + only 1Gb memory rather 4GB
on my main machine.  The Kubuntu 8.10 machine has OpenGL version
string 2.1.2 NVIDIA 177.80.  So it looks like later drivers, or
perhaps just slower machines are better off w.r.t the memory errors.

I'm going to add an optional sleep into the each gl object apply to
see if this make any difference.

This very much looks like a driver bug so we'll need to contact NVidia
and get them on to.  Anyone with a hotline to NVidia?

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