> Hi Guys,
> I flagged this thread up as one that might produce a fix to 
> the OSG's OpenFlight plugin.  Has anything been done in this 
> direction yet?  If so please don't forgot to post it to 
> osg-submissions.
> Cheers,
> Robert.

Hi Robert -- After reviewing this thread, it looks like the major issue has
a workaround. It might be helpful to add an export option to disable
interpretation of Polygon Offset as a request for subfacing. Or, better yet,
it might be worthwhile to dig into why subfacing was breaking the external
reference in the first place.

Bottom line is that the exporter was designed to export scene graphs that
are very similar to those created by the importer, and supporting a clean
export of an arbitrary scene graph is way outside the scope of the exporter
as it currently exists.

However, contributions are welcome. :-)

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