> I thought a  push and pop pragma would work ( I use that in 
> my code) , but that would be in the headers  which Robert 
> wants to avoid

I'm usually opposed to push/pop too -- not because they're "in the headers",
but because they disable displaying warnings for a block of code, and
therefore prevent a developer from being alerted when he changes the code
and introduces a legitimate issue that should be resolved.

However, I'd let push/pop slide in this case, as it restricts disabling the
warnings to the OSG headers themselves (as opposed to also disabling them
for application code that includes the headers). It's really the only
practical solution for large extant projects that display a great number of
probably harmless warnings.

Push/pop can be hidden with CMake-generated prefix and suffix files, just as
the current svn head hides them in osg/Config.

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