Hi Chris,

I assume the call to traverse() is what actually adds the skydome to the render graph, so I'd need to trace down into that right?

I traced down into that, and the drawables are added to the graph... It goes down to

inline void CullVisitor::addDrawableAndDepth(
    osg::Drawable* drawable,osg::RefMatrix* matrix,float depth)
    // ...

and adds them. So it seems that they should be drawn.

I think the problem is that the skydome is being clipped by OpenGL before rasterization. I think there's no real way to get around that, because the dome is really big and the near/far computed are really small. So I think my only real solution is the additional camera.

What do you think?

Jean-Sebastien Guay    jean-sebastien.g...@cm-labs.com
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