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On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 11:53 PM, Paul Martz <pma...@skew-matrix.com> wrote:
> Hi Robert -- You said the code isn't final yet, but I wondered if the
> osgviewer options and environment variables are final? Or do you intend to
> remove them after development?

Subject to feedback on typos and suggestions of better naming I don't
see a reason that these new command line options and env vars would
need to be changed/removed.

It might make sense to provide a default max frame rate to cope with
systems that don't have vysnc switched on, as the user experience is
better with preventing the app spinning at a silly frame rate.  One
would need to disable this when doing certain types of benchmarking

One concern about introducing a max frame rate value is that end users
we almost certainly ask when they frame rate is not scaling well... or
that OSG-2.9.x/2.10 doesn't perform as well as OSG-2.8.  This is an
education issue, and as we've found out in the past it doesn't really
matter how often you put up information, or where you put it, still
lots of users ignore it completely... so one just has to field the
support from those too lazy to keep informed.

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