Hello forum,

I am using the Qt's GUI framework to interact with the osg scene.

i am using AdapterWidget and i would like to capture the GUI events from the
Qt and pass that

to  the OSG's key-board handler.

in the AdapterWidget.cpp there is a function :

void AdapterWidget::keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent* event )

  _gw->getEventQueue()->keyPress( (osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol)
*(event->text().toAscii().data() ) );



And i have my own keyboard handler class that is the subclass of

and i have over-ridden the handle( ) function to capture keyboard events and
act acccodingly.

I do not undestand how map the above 2 together so that the event triggered
from Qt will be caught by my keyboard handler.

Any hint?

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