hi everyone,

i recently move my scenegraph beginner's work from ogre engine to 
openscenegraph wich i feel is more powerful.

i read the quick start guide (about 100 page, very quick lol ) to learn basic 
concepts of osg

i would like to use java langugae and swing (for MIH), so osgintrospection is a 
first point of start as osgSwig... but :

osgSwig seems to be maintain only for python, wich is a good language i guess, 
but not usefull for me. so i downloaded osgSwig source on my ubuntu and try to 
compile for my personnal java use but documentation and samples are not up to 
date (and not existing for java as i see).

furthermore, i read on forum's post that "dynamic language' are great supported 
but "bytecode language" (like java & c#) are not supported very well (it seems 
some hacks are needed for memory management cause osg use internal pointer 
memory management as a local garbage collector (to sum up) wich can be a 
problem with jni).

another project, javaOsg, seems to be down, and as i understand, manual binding 
must be made so project can't follow osg update as far as needed by the 
communauty... so forget it !

my goal is not to develop my software in c++ (too much time to spend with 
memory and string management for me, except with boost etc.. but it's not my 
cup of thea as we say in french !), not learn another langugage (like python), 
and use java for the great support on multiplatform and Rich Client Platform 
available with netbeans or eclipse.

so i read lot of post, lot of documentation before posting my request, in fact, 
to sum up,
is there an automatic way to bind java with osg automatically in a easier way 
to follow osg update in a minimal time lost ?

if someone as successfully compile a java version of osgSwig for linux 64 (ie 
ubuntu) it will be very nice to update that work on the osgSwig project for the 
communauty..and me too ;-) !!!!

i hope that someone could help me in a technical way (and not just redirect on 
osgSwig... from i come !)

thanks by advance !

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