>  After some brain-twisting, I did realize that even with z comparison off,
> OGL is
> probably rejecting the skydome because it's beyond the far clip plane. I've
> been trying to
> think of a way to fool this, but it seems like it is unavoidable.

That's exactly what I found (or even wierder, the skydome vertices would
clip, but the inter-vertex points wouldn't due to interpolation, so the dome
looked "patchy".

I had to use the approach I posted to simultaneously:

1) Make sure the skydome didn't participate in near/far autocalculation
2) Make sure OSG didn't cull the skydome
3) Make sure that OGL would actually draw something
4) Allow the skydome to draw last.

In my app, I don't see a Camera with NESTED_RENDER as much of a per-frame
overhead - it's pretty much negligible with all the rest of the CPU activity
I'm engaging in, but I can appreciate that this might not be the case for

Plus it had the advantage of being scenegraph agnostic - i.e. injection of
this as a (for example) .osg worked without having to appeal to a particular
application scenegraph structure in terms of PRE_RENDER, depth clears, etc.

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