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> Subject: [osg-users] Quat * Vec3 proposals - request for comments/help
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> Date: Tuesday, 21 April, 2009, 1:36 PM
> Hi all,
> it's been known for a while [1] that there are
> inconsistencies with the way OSG handles Quat * Vec3. In
> short: Quat * Vec3 is written in code as a post-multiply,
> but the result of the operation is as if a pre-multiply was
> performed. The attached test app also shows the problem
> (more on it later).
> [1]
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.graphics.openscenegraph.user/21003
> and
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.graphics.openscenegraph.user/33099
> What doesn't work?
> There are many examples that can be constructed of where a
> mathematical expression usings quats and vectors would not
> provide the expected results. See also [1]. The easiest one
> I could come up with is this:
> ((q1 * q2) * v) != (q1 * (q2 * v))
> Why are there not more complaints?

Well I curse this all the time, but not for the same reason. For me it's q1 * 
q2 that's annoying as I see it as the opposite of what I expect from the 
mathematics of applying a quaternion to a vector but then therein lies the 

Using operator* for matrix multiplications is fine as that mirrors precisely 
what you are doing with the matrices mathematically. Using operator* for 
quaternion multiplication is a loose analogy since you are actually doing 
q*v*q' mathematically when applying q to v. If you have two rotations, q1 
followed by q2 then you would get q2*q1*v*q1'*q2' mathematically and so I 
expect the interpretation of operator* to allow me to write q2*q1*v in code.

Of course that's just my interpretation and what I'm effectively saying within 
that interpretation is that it's quat * quat that is wrong but there's no way 
in the world you can swap that now! :)

Alternatively you could drop osg::Vec3::operator*( osg::Quat ) altogether and 
have osg::Vec3::apply( osg::Quat ) or osg::Vec3::rotate( osg::Quat ). I've used 
math libraries that do it this way (and where vec::operator*( quat ) is just 
that i.e. the mathematical multiplication rather than the full blown rotation.

I guess it depends on whether you value the brevity of operator* over the 
underlying mathematics. If operator* is still going to be used for applying a 
quaternion to a vector then I support the idea of making the multiplication 
orders consistent between quat/quat and vec/quat as per your proposal.

Making it consistent with OSG's row-major matrix multiplication is probably 
easier for coders who are not concerned with the details of the maths (and as I 
noted above it's not a workable solution to swap it now anyway).

Whatever happens I second the comment of Tanguy Fautre who asked for it to be 
documented clearly somewhere. :)

Anyway I hope you don't mind me chipping in. It certainly is interesting that 
there hasn't been more discussion. Maybe people just do what works and leave 
it. ;)

Paul Fotheringham.

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