"Jean-Sébastien Guay" <jean-sebastien.g...@cm-labs.com> wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> While I was at it, I started integrating the changes for getting the
> ocean surface height at a position. I went with a combination of
> Jean-Claude's and Dimitrios' code, with a few small modifications.
> The only problem is I have no way of testing it (it builds, thus it
> works by definition, right? :-) ). Would it be possible (for either you,
> Dimitrios, or Jean-Claude) to make a very simple test using the
> oceanExample as base code, perhaps just making the Cessna from OSG-Data
> float on the water the way you want? Then I could test if the
> modifications I made work.
> I really dislike committing work-in-progress code... So I'd prefer to do
> it that way.

Right, of course. I have a bit of code that makes an object bob on the 
surface, but my code is likely a bit different from Dimitrios's, so it would 
need to be changed based on what you have done. Is there a place where I can 
get your changes? Ideally, just make an experimental branch, commit it there 
and once it is tested, merge into the trunk. That is fairly easy to do with 

> I totally agree. OceanTechnique (and thus FFTOceanSurface) already had
> getSurfaceHeight(), so I added this method as getSurfaceHeightAt() and
> added comments explaining that the former gets the average height,
> whereas the latter gets it at a specific position.

Great! That will make my life simpler. 



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