On 9/10/09 5:01 PM, stefan nortd wrote:
I am trying to use the osg::ImageSequence without much result. Maybe
  somebody can point me in the right direction.

Did you look at osgimagesequence.cpp?

I am creating the ImageSequence object, use addImageFile(...) to
populate at and then try to assign it to a texture for drawing. Then nothing
shows up.

Did you set a length?  Is it playing?

I feel like I am not quite grasping the idea behind ImageSequence. For
one, how does the texture know when to reload the next image from the
sequence. Is this all implicitly done or do I have to I miss something
about this.

ImageSequence is updated perodically which changes the internal image (based on runtime, playback speed, play mode). This change is picked up by Texture (through the ImageStream interface).

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