We're running 2.8.2 on a 64-bit Centos system.  OSG was configured to use

Not too long ago I ran an old demo using the new releases and noticed that
an Inventor file that used to load properly no longer did.  Checking around,
many others also didn't.

Here's a simple example file that demonstrates the problem:

  #Inventor V2.0 ascii
  Material { diffuseColor 1 0 0 }
  Cone { bottomRadius 1 height 2 }

  Rotation { rotation 1 0 0 3.14159 }
  Material { diffuseColor 0 1 0  }
  Cone { bottomRadius 1 height 2 }

If you look at this with ivview, also linked with Coin-3.1.1, you see two
intersecting cones, red on the bottom and green on the top.

If you load this same file with osgviewer you just see the red cone.

If you use osgconv to create an osg file from the iv file you see both cones
in the osg file with identical vertex data and the green one isn't rotated.
I'm surprised I don't see any z-fighting in osgviewer.

Anyway, can anyone else try loading this Inventor file and see if it works
for them?

Many thanks,


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