Here just a quetion confused me:

I have a KeySwitchMatrixManipulator , which served as a swithcer between 2 
MatrixManipulator : a default Trackball and a MatrixManipulator that I 
defined(bounding to a object) . 
The problem is : when I hit the button to switch the above 
MatrixManipulator , especially when I switch the MatrixManipulator that I 
defined to the Trackball MatrixManipulator  , the view point cannot come back 
to the default position when the application initiated , and I have to hit the 
spacebar in order to let the view back to the default positon.
In all , Is there a  method that could let the view point came back to its 
default position when using the Trackball MatrixManipulator?

Could anyone give me some advice about this problem?

Thank you very much!


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