Hi all,
  I have build osg version 3.4.0 in windows 8. I am able to render 3D models 
using the command "osgviewer <Model_file>". 

  I have tried a simple c++ code to render 3D model. I gave .obj model as 
input. For small files (say file size of 577 KB) my code renders the given 
model successfully, whereas when my input obj model is of size 46,927 KB it 
takes long time (more than hours & not renders the model). I am facing this 
problem in debug mode.

But in Release Mode I am facing error.

My code is 

... osg::ref_ptr<osg::Node> root;
        root = osgDB::readNodeFile("D:\\3D_Models\\Concert Stage.obj");
        osgViewer::Viewer viewer;
        return viewer.run();

I have attached the screenshot of error message.

Thank you!


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