On 1 December 2016 at 11:55, Alistair Baxter <alist...@mve.com> wrote:
> It sounded like that proxy texture mechanism was exactly what I needed, but 
> using it as described in the OpenGL red book just returned results that said 
> it was OK, when it wasn't, which is most frustrating.

In space no one can hear you scream....

It sounds like the only avenue left would be to attempt to create the
texture object using Texture::apply() or possible
Texture::compileGLObjects() and check for an OpenGL error aftwards and
then provide some kind of fallback mechanism.

The other approach is break the volume data down into brick as use
multiple VolumeTile.  I haven't tried this with osgVolume yet so it
would be bleeding edge :-)

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