Thanks for the link
I didn't know this tool, i should test it

In conan, there's tools to download, to unzip, to invoke system package 
manager, virtual runtime environment (manage env vars) 
python makes conan sexy and flexible.
Further it manages dependancies (will dl what missing -sourcesORbuilt- for the 
recipe you wanna build package for) 
I know they're trying to do business with package hosting, but who can blame 

I don't know if all these features are included in hunter...
If you have knowledge about hunter, can you provide us a simple example apply 
to osg win32 package?  


remoe wrote:
> Hi All,
> Why they use python? Python itself has complicated dependencies. Someone has 
> wrote a CMake based system:
> Or write your own in GoLang :)
> Cheers,
> Remo

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