HI Adrian,

On 13 March 2018 at 02:13, Adrian Jelffs <adrian.jel...@makai.com> wrote:
> Awesome, this works great! Thank you for steering me in the right direction.
> osg::BoundingSphere bs = _myNode->getBound();
> Is there anything that can get just the height of the node? In my case the 
> node is quite long but not very tall so using a sphere places my text much 
> further away than necessary.

A generic subgraph/node doesn't have a "height".  The various
polygons/lines/points within the subgraph will have various heights,
all depending upon the model you have.

If you scene is axis aligned then potentially you could use the
osg::ComputeBoundsVisitor that computes a tightly bound bounding box
around a subgraph, this will have small extents than the bounding

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