I'm very confused by this coordinate system.  It appears that our conventional 
left-handed and right-handed systems are NOT used, which causes havoc with the 
OpenGL coordinate frame.

It seems like getting the view matrix at the origin looking down what would be 
a left-handed +z-axis but rotated 90-degress about the x-axis so that z is 
pointing up seems to be the coordinate frame.

In a function call for getting the view matrix from a camera, for example. You 
get these values for the matrix (assuming it's column-major order)

Mat[2] : [0, -1, 0] <== LOOK
Mat[1]: [0, 0, 1] <==UP
Mat[0]: [1, 0, 0] <== RIGHT

This is confusing me with getting transforms and moving them into the vertex 


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